Big Stakes Balagan: US Online Slots « Held back by '' because of the ruling

Big podcast Betting Balagan talks about all the slots in its latest issue, joined by experts in the field Reese Owen from and Andrew Porter with

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The session looks at the innovation process, new legislative measures, and the impact of consolidation and regulation on the slot machine industry.

The trio also sat down to discuss a roundup of the latest news, including legal updates in Florida, staffing changes in Cambi, and William Hill's business outside the US. In addition, three speakers offered their analysis of a recent study on the use of cryptocurrencies in the gambling industry, before highlighting some news about Casinocoin.

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Dan Phillips , co-host of The Big Betting Balagan

Lee Richardson , co-host of The Big Betting Balagan

Vigne Kozacek , co-host of The Big Betting Balagan

Rhys Owen, founder and director

Andrew Porter, CEO and Founder

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Insofar as is currently applying for a US license, they have begun to communicate with US operators. Porter believes that the online market is "held back" by the rules: "The focus on the casino and the land-based market is very different because it's pretty much a tourist market where you try to grab people who come. there to get more tourist experience, and try to make them play slot machines with bright features, big cabernets and so on.

“While in the online space, you deliver something to players who really enjoy gambling and enjoy different things.

“I think good content works everywhere, and of course, ever since I was the director of content at PlayTech, you can see that a good game in a certain market will work in almost all markets.”

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To learn more about how slots evolve, their innovation processes and how brands enter new markets.

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