Grooms Association receives £1.5m from BGLC

Association Grooms of Jamaica received a $1.5 million aid package from Commissions on gambling and lotteries (BGLC).

Commission on Horse Racing Jamaica (JRC) also signed a health insurance plan with the Grooms Association extending the 30% rebate to qualifying insurance premiums.

Clovis Metcalfe , who serves as chairman of both regulators, said it was important to bring back the racing industry, in particular the groomsmen.

“We all know that grooms are the lowest paid members of the racing industry, so we always try to help as much as we can,” he said.

Currently, Jamaica's Cayman Park, the island's only race track, has a total of 350 groomers, making them the largest stakeholder group in the industry.

Meanwhile, Fabian White , the president of the grooms association, while welcoming the financial support from the BGLC, said his organization would lobby the JRC to improve working hours for its members.

He elaborated: “Because we work seven days a week, we don't get extra pay for holidays or weekends, but we do it because it's our life.

“But it's a hard road and hard work because we start at four o'clock and you don't stop until at least one, and after one you still have to pick up your truck again. in the evening."

A source - YouTube channel about betting and lottery commissions.

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